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Welcome.  We are delighted that you will be joining us for one of our unique HippyLuxe Workshops.  To help us ensure all your needs are met, we would appreciate you completing the following and emailing this back to us.  

This information will be kept confidential and is for use by HippyLuxe Retreats only. 

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This retreat is suitable for all levels of yoga experience. This information will however, help us plan our yoga sessions.
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By checking this box, I hereby stipulate that I am physically sound to proceed with instruction in yoga. It is further agreed all exercises and lessons shall be undertaken at my sole risk and that HippyLuxe Retreats and their employees or contractors shall not be liable for injuries or damages to my person or property arising out of or connected with the use of services or facilities of HippyLuxe Retreats and the premises on which the same are located. I do hereby forever release and discharge HippyLuxe Retreats from all such causes of action.
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I give my permission for any photos taken of me during the retreat weekend can be used for marketing purposes, including but not limited to social media and website.